All chicken in stock and more Beef coming soon!

Farm to House

We ship directly from our farm to your house.


Our meats are shipped frozen in an insulated carton with dry ice. We are currently using an environmentally friendly, biodegradable insulation product made from Non-GMO corn starch. You can dissolve it in water, wash it down the drain, add it to the compost pile, burn it, etc...

Dry Ice

To keep the meat frozen, your order will ship with Dry Ice or an appropriate coolant. Depending on your location and the weather conditions, there is typically a small amount of Dry Ice remaining when you receive it. Please use caution and avoid handling Dry Ice with bare hands. Dispose of any remaining Dry Ice in a well-ventilated area.


We process and ship orders on Monday and Tuesday to avoid potential weekend delays. Most orders are delivered between Tuesday and Thursday. We also try to avoid shipping during major weather events and larger holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Since we email confirmations when your order ships, it is important to enter a good email address when creating your account. You will also receive an email from UPS with the tracking information. You can track your package on the UPS website and even sign up for a notification upon delivery. Unpack your box and place your perishable items into the freezer as soon as possible.