Do you sell any fresh (unfrozen)  chicken?

Absolutely!  The Fresh Chicken Program is our favorite way to sell chicken as it helps us to anticipate demand and plan things more appropriately.  Here's a brief summary of the process.  Place your deposit in our online store for however many chickens you would like.  This reserves your chickens on our next batch.  We will notify you roughly a month prior to processing with the date and pick up times.  If you can't make the pickup day, let us know and we will work something out.  Since these chickens will be fresh and not frozen, you can cut them up or preserve the way you like.  Bulk fresh chicken orders may also qualify for a 5% discount off the regular price.  Please visit our Fresh Chicken Program page for more details and ordering information.


Can you ship my order?

We have started shipping within the state of TX.  We also offer local delivery and farm pickup options.

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Are your products certified Organic?

While we raise our animals in many ways that exceed organic standards, at this time we have not chosen to certify our products under the USDA Organic label.  If you have any questions about how we raise our animals, what we feed our animals or our farming practices, feel free to contact us or set up an appointment for an on-farm visit.


How does the U-Pick Berries & Fruit thing work?

Here are the basic steps:

1. Check Fruit Availability.

2. Schedule a Picking Time.

3. Pick - We'll help you find the fruit and teach you how to identify what's ripe. 

4. Pay - The Booking Fee is applied towards your harvest or other products purchased from our store.

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How long do your eggs last?

Go ahead and stock up!  Our farm-fresh eggs will last several months.  Something you may not know is that most eggs purchased at the store are already 4-6 weeks old.  In fact, they can be up to 60 days old when you buy them.  We actually collect, pack and refrigerate our eggs the same day they are laid.  The big commercial guys can take up to 30 days before their eggs are even in a carton.

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When can I pick up my order at the farm?

We are happy to welcome visitors to the farm.  However, there are often times when no one will be available to assist you with an order.  Please contact us to schedule a pickup appointment prior to coming out to the farm.


Do you offer a Bulk Beef Program as well?

We offer half beef packages based on availability.  You will get all your steaks and roasts at approximately the cost of our ground beef.  A $500 deposit is required to reserve your beef package with the remainder due at delivery.  We are able to accommodate some cut preferences.  Please contact us for more information.


What do you feed your chickens?

Besides all the grass and bugs they can eat, we feed our chickens a Certified Organic and Soy-Free feed.  We use only feeds made in Texas.


How is your grass-fed beef different than what is at the supermarket?

Most of the beef labeled "grass-fed" at the supermarket actually comes from cows that have eaten grass and then are finished in a feedlot on corn or grain.  This is precisely what we attempt to avoid when purchasing grass-fed beef.  We even go through great lengths to source minerals that do not contain grain by-products.  If you buy "grass-fed" beef elsewhere, be sure that it is also labeled as "grass-finished" or "100% grass-fed."

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Giving Back

Remembering those in need.

We are excited to partner with BESTWA in 2020.  BESTWA is a wonderful non-profit organization serving in Liberia, Africa.  They offer a feeding program, as well as educational and medical support for those in extreme need.

A portion of the proceeds from every sale of food from Pastured Steps Family Farm will go to support the efforts of BESTWA in Liberia.  If you are interested in learning more about BESTWA or donating, please visit their site.