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Shipping / Delivery

How do you ship perishable goods?

All meat is frozen and shipped in appropriate cold storage packaging. Depending on your order and weather conditions, your package will also include dry ice. We ship via UPS delivery services. In addition, we only ship on Monday and Tuesday to avoid possible weekend delays.

What is the cost of shipping?

We offer free delivery on orders over $135. On orders under $135, we charge a flat rate of $25. This helps cover the cost of insulated packaging, dry ice, and transportation charges.

Where do you ship your chicken?

We are able to ship our Lectin-Light Chicken within the US lower 48. This includes all of the continental US states (except AK and HI). If you have experienced difficulty placing your order online, please give us a call and we can assist you over the phone.

If I live in the DFW area, can I pick up my order?

Absolutely! In fact, we'll even give you a discount if you are able to pick up your order. We are happy to pass on the savings of storing, packaging, and shipping. To qualify for this special pricing, you must pick up your order from our farm in Midlothian, TX. Just select "On-Farm Pickup" as your delivery method and the discount is automatically reflected in the price of your chicken. Please contact us prior to coming to schedule an appointment.


What is "Pasture-Raised" chicken?

While there is no official definition for the term "Pasture-Raised." Less than 1% of the chicken sold in the US is actually raised on a pasture of any kind. We go by APPPA's recommendation for pasture management and even exceed their recommended space requirements. Basically, once old enough, the chickens spend 100% of their time on pasture. They are moved to fresh pasture at least once a day. The chickens can eat as much grass as they want, get sunshine, bugs, and take dust baths. They get to express their natural behavior in a low-stress environment. This management adds both the nutrition and flavor that our customers have come to enjoy.

What's in your supplemental chicken feed?

We feed our chickens a Certified Organic/Soy-Free feed produced right here in the state of Texas. The formulation varies slightly based on the season and availability of ingredients. It typically contains Organic Peas, Organic Corn, Organic Wheat, Fish Meal, Organic Oats, Organic Alfalfa Meal, Organic Flaxseed, Dried Organic Kelp, Active Dry Yeast, Organic Sunflower Oil and more.

Note: If you are looking for our "grain-free" chicken, it is sold exclusively through our other website at

How is your chicken prepared and packaged?

Our chickens are processed at a USDA facility. Similar to purchasing a whole chicken at the store, they are cleaned and ready for roasting. The whole chickens come complete with the neck and the giblets are removed. Chicken parts come vacuum sealed in the quantities shown in the product descriptions. All poultry products are uncooked, frozen, and vacuum-sealed.

What is do you consider grass-fed/finished and how is that different than what is available at the store?

Much of the beef labeled "grass-fed" at the supermarket actually comes from cows that have eaten grass and then are finished in a feedlot on corn or grain. This is precisely what someone is attempting to avoid when purchasing grass-fed beef. When we say "grass-fed/finished" we mean our cattle eat ZERO grains during their entire lives. We even go to great lengths to source minerals that do not contain grain by-products. If you buy "grass-fed" beef elsewhere, be sure that it is also labeled as "grass-finished" or "100% grass-fed."


How much freezer space do I need for a side of beef?

A side of beef is typically 140 - 150 lbs. In general, you should plan on 1 cubic foot of freezer for every 30 lbs of meat. We recommend a medium-sized chest freezer of at least 7 cubic feet for a side of beef. Chest freezers are much less expensive, however, upright freezers are easier to sort through and find what you are looking for. We've also created an Email Series that walks you through the whole process of Bulk Beef and help determine if it's right for you.

How long do your eggs last?

Go ahead and stock up! Our farm-fresh eggs will easily last a month and more. Something you may not know is that most eggs purchased at the store are already 4-6 weeks old. In fact, they can be up to 60 days old when you buy them. We collect and refrigerate our eggs the same day they are laid to help them last even longer.