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What we do

Our mission to produce the highest quality products on the market. Our chickens and eggs are pasture-raised on Organic, Soy-Free feed. Our cattle are grass-fed/finished and organically managed. We use regenerative farming practices to promote soil health and animal welfare. We’re here for our customers and want each one of you to enjoy amazing wholesome foods.

Why Pastured Steps?

1 Healthy Food

Take the next step towards a more healthy you. Eating healthy, nutritious protein products is a great way to improve your health. Animals raised in pastures are more healthy. Eggs and meats from pastured animals are more nutritious than typical food produced by the traditional food system.

2 Healthy Ecosystem

We're taking steps towards a better future. Most of the farmland in the world has been degraded due to poor management decisions and destructive farming practices. One of our farm's chief concerns is to increase the health of our soil and pasture. Our practices of Holistic Management, Permaculture, and Regenerative Agriculture methods actually increase soil fertility instead of depleting it.

3 On Pasture

Taking steps on pasture. Our animal's feet actually touch grass! Our cattle don't live in feedlots. Our pigs don't live on concrete. Our chickens don't live in cramped houses. Our laying hens don't live in cages. Everyone walks on grass!

Featured Products

Chicken Parts Bundle

18 lbs avg (parts from 4 chickens)


Dark Meat Box

10 lbs / box (24 cuts)


Thighs, Bone-In

0.875 lbs avg / pkg of 2


If you've come here looking for our Lectin-Light Chicken,

it is sold exclusively on our other site.