Healthy Choices

Pastured Eggs

Our Eggs are Deliciously Nutritious, Farm Fresh, Pasture-Raised, Soy-Free, from hens raised on Certified Organic feed.

Pastured Poultry

Pasture-raised Chicken.  Raised in the pasture, our broilers eat grass bugs and Certified Organic feed.

Grass-fed / finished Beef

Grass fed start to finish the way nature intended beef to be.

Pastured Eggs

Our laying hens spend their lives in the pasture where they are free to roam, scratch and forage plants and insects. This makes for the best farm-fresh eggs with rich, dark yolks.  Our hen's diets are supplemented with a Certified Organic feed that is Soy-Free and fortified with Flaxseed for higher levels of Omega 3s.  The hens are protected from predators by a mobile electric net parameter which is moved to fresh pasture every week.  The hens lay eggs in our specially designed mobile egg carts.


Pastured Poultry

Just clean healthy chicken! 

Our chickens roam freely in bottomless chicken tractors. The tractors are moved at least once every day to fresh, clean pasture providing them with a fresh serving of salad and bugs. Each section of pasture is only utilized once per year ensuring plenty of time for recovery.  In fact, it's our pasture management and sanitary practices that allow us to raise chicken without the use of antibiotics.  Chickens are supplemented with only Certified Organic Feeds.

Our chickens are processed at a USDA Inspected facility and sold as either whole chickens or parts.

Don’t forget to save the bones to make a highly nutritional and delicious bone broth.


Grass-fed / finished Beef

We maintain a small herd of cattle with breeds that are known for their ability to finish on grass.  Our cattle’s diet is 100% forage, supplemented with free-choice minerals and salt.  We never feed grain or grain by-products to our cattle.

Holistic Management and rotational grazing practices keep our herd on fresh pastures, promoting animal health while allowing for pasture recovery.  Our beef is free of artificial hormones and antibiotics.


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