Our pasture-raised chickens spend their lives on the pasture foraging for bugs and grass.  The "Grain-Free" chickens are fed a special Non-GMO feed that is Corn-Free, SOY-Free, No Wheat,  No Peas, No Barley, No Peanuts, No Oats, etc.  If you are on the Lectin-Free diet you'll be happy to know that the ingredients in our feed are all on the 'yes' list.  In addition, our chickens are never given antibiotics or hormones.


These are sold as whole chickens and are typically in the 3-4.5 lb range.


We only raise one batch of Grain-Free chickens per year and they typically sell out.  If you would like to reserve some on our next batch, please place a deposit for the number you would like.  (Grain-Free Chicken Deposit)

Grain-Free Whole Chicken

  • You can reserve some Grain-Free chickens on our next batch by placing a deposit for the number you would like to purchase.  (Shop --> Deposits)

  • We are able to ship this item within the US to the lower 48.  If you are outside of Texas, please contact us for a shipping quote.  We ship via UPS 1-2 Day delivery service with cold storage packaging.  We can fit up to 8 chickens in one box.

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