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What is the "Egg Queue?"  When we are out of stock on the regular egg listing, you can still purchase eggs using this item.  They are the same eggs at the same price.  The only difference is that delivery will be delayed as we work through a small backlog on eggs.  If you have other items that you need right away, please put them on a separate order.


Are you ready for some of the best farm-fresh, pasture-raised, eggs that you've ever had?  Our hens spend their lives out on the pasture where they get all the bugs, grass, and sunshine they need to produce a deliciously nutritious egg.  Any supplemented grain fed is always Non-GMO and we don't spray any chemicals in our pastures.


Pasture-raised eggs are higher in Omega-3 Fatty Acid.

Farm Fresh Eggs - Queue

  • We are unable to ship this item, although we do offer Local Delivery Services and On-Farm Pickup.