This is a pre-order listing for a Chicken Part Bundle on our April/May 2021 batch of chickens. You will receive the equivalent of 4 large chickens in parts. The total weight of the Bundle will be approximately 18-20 lbs.


Items in the Bundle Include:

(4) x 2 pack of Boneless/Skinless Breast {8 breasts total}

(1) x 8 pack of Tenders {8 tenders total}

(2) x 4 pack of Leg Quarters {8 leg/thighs total}

(1) x 1+ lb pack of Party Wings

(2) x 2 pack of Chicken Backs/Frames {4 Frames total}

Packs are vacuum sealed and frozen.


We aim to finish at least four batches per year to be processed around mid-April, mid-June, mid-October, and mid-November. Please contact us prior to processing day if you would like to pick up your Chicken Part Bundle fresh before it's frozen.


Our pasture-raised chickens spend their lives on the pasture foraging for bugs and grass. Additional feed provided is Certified Organic, Non-GMO, and SOY-Free from New Country Organics in Texas. Our chickens are never given antibiotics or hormones.

Chicken Part Bundle - (Apr/May 2021)

  • The weight of items in this bundle will be in the 18-20 lb range.

  • We will issue pre-order refunds in the event that we are unable to produce the necessary chickens.

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